Search & Replace Using Regular Expressions

Newbie here, exploring the Pinegrove trial which I am loving so far - PG is a very cool app.
I am planning to switch from Dreamweaver and one of features I use a lot in DW is search/replace to clean up table td styles after pasting them in from Google Spreadsheets etc.
I found the Replace keyboard shortcut in code view and in the field PG says: "(Use /re/ syntax for regexp search).
In DW I usually enter a search (with regex enabled) for:
and replace it with a plain TD cell to remove TD styles.
How to I achieve the same in PG?
I’ve looked for documentation on the site, Google and the forum without finding any examples. I tried:
preceding search with /re/ and every other variation I could think of but no luck.
A few example commonplace regular expressions would be enough to get me started.
Any help gratefully received.

In case anyone asks the same question I got an answer from the Pinegrow Slack community.
Use /re/ syntax effectively means surround your regex expression with / characters.
So my <td.?> is input as /<td.?>/ which makes sense (I thought I’d tried that).

On performing the search the four small white buttons which appear on v3.11 Mac OS are not readable (white on white).
If this happens for you they mean (from left to right) [Yes] [No] [All] [Stop]

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