Switch from code mirror to vscode monaco editor

its still under development and it will extend PG with more amazing feature

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Well done!!

Let me know if you want another tester.
Mac, Sierra OS, and some other OS’s, various Linuxes etc.

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i would like monaco as well :slight_smile: or something better.

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Sample of the monaco editor in PG
Please tell me if you will purchase it.


Is it integrated all the way through with to all relative features the same as code mirror?

Regardless, sell the efforts to Pinegrow so all users can benefit. :smile:

If you submitted a #feature-request and 10 days later created the feature yourself, then I think @matjaz could probably manage the same accomplishment. :–)


Count me in for this!

Well Done @ehigiepaul !

I will like to know the relative features you are taking about.

The plugin has the follow features:

  • emmet for html and css

  • support for html, css, C#, json razor, typescript and javascript enabled

  • Perfect intellisense for all language

  • Click on none html files and auto open on editor

  • Auto update preview

  • go to line - Ctrl + G

  • open editor - F7

  • single tab editor for now because of layout bug

  • All basic monaco feature avaliable

  • and more to come

Meaning that all of the input / code related features found elsewhere throughout the app correctly hook into your Monaco implementation. If there are no issues or compromise regarding bi-directional for those other existing features then there is no concern and its an even swap of editors.

But yes the more features in an Monaco editor implementation the better.

But I personally would prefer if such an implementation came from the Pinegrow developers themselves. That would seem more logical and secure for such a vital and core aspect of the app.

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True but we developers should still help in any way we can to extend PG and leave the PG developers to work on other features and performance plans. Other application get support from other developer to help extend the app.

Eg Vs code I also created an extension for vs with over 7k downloads Nativescript Extend

No issue there.

But still thanks for your input hope you will try it out when its released.



One of the big missing things in the editor, often asked for is
Find and replace.
Then… but this is probably at an Application level is
Project wide find and replace

Find and replace is available on opened code but not project wide. Can be added in the future.

How did it go from a feature request to wishing to sell something? :smile:

Best wishes with your efforts on this however.

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so it is, I forgot that got added. fab.
Cheers for the reminder :smiley:

The project wide version gets asked, that’s the main reason I started using an external editor

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:joy::rofl: I was bored and needed to play around PG and see how to make my work flow easier. Thats why it jumped from feature request to a personal project. And during the course I got to learn alot from PG developers. :+1::+1::+1:


Yeah thats cool. I mentioned it privately to @matjaz in October 2019, so your 10 days is impressive. :joy:


Terminal is now up and running, Dockable and Integrated :tada::tada::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Ha, you’re really on a roll with this. Maybe users should start sending Pinegrow feature requests straight to Paul @ehigiepaul moving forward. Or just submit a new broad request as follows. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

let pgFeatures = [];

Not a bad idea at all, just seeing PG user interest will make a new career for me and others as External Dev Support.:rofl::joy:. I wish the forum can allow gif support so I can post the progress of the plugin in gif format. @Emmanuel

Great News