TailWindCSS 3 CDN via JavaScript

I’m on Pinegrow 6.7 and a new TailWindCSS project is entering version 2.0.2 :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/tailwindcss@2.0.2/dist/tailwind.min.css"/>

But we can easily use 3.2.1 CDN via JavaScript

<script src="https://cdn.tailwindcss.com/3.2.1"></script>

Any reason why PG is not using the JavaScript line ?

@anjanesh there are two templates in New page → Tailwind. The one for TW 3.x uses the CDN JS version.

But the templates only use 3.0.12, when is the update for 3.2 released?

BS and TWCSS updates for the Production and Live versions of Pinegrow are in the work and planned for the coming weeks.

3.2.0 released new and dynamic breakpoints like max-lg - most useful feature of all.

Absolutely. We are also actively following the evolutions of TailwindCSS and Bootstrap, and as said above, the updates will be effective in the coming weeks :wink:

I’m pretty excited about the container queries and ARIA attribute variants. The hamster in my brain is running extra fast thinking of ways to take advantage of all the cool stuff they are adding.

@anjanesh Hi there, just a simple question, when inspecting the page i made with tailwind, it says that:


Do you know why?

Try to get the latest standalone build from here and run it generate your final CSS file which will be much lighter than cdn.tailwindcss.com