TailwindUI components interactions in PG?

Anyone played with TailwindUI interactive components here?
Having functional dropdown menus, accordion tabs, pricing tabs and all the rest is a time saver. Adding Pinegrow Interactions to have them work seem a little inefficient (time wise).
Note I know this is not PG “issue”

The documentantion says: "

Using Vue

Installing dependencies

Tailwind UI for Vue depends on Headless UI to power all of the interactive behavior and Heroicons for icons, so you’ll need to add these two libraries to your project:

npm install @headlessui/vue @heroicons/vue


What do you think?

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Thanks for sharing Carlos.

I don’t have a tailwind-ui subscription, but I can see from their docs, they support only react & vue components, and let the end user write their own javascript when using vanilla HTML.

Flowbite is an alternative to tailwind-ui that can be installed as a tailwind plugin or used via cdn. Unlike tailwind-ui, in addition to react & vue, they also support using their components as vanilla HTML + javascript combo. It’s a good alternative if you want interactive tailwind components in vanilla HTML projects.

Back to tailwind-ui, I have been playing with headless-ui + tailwind (essentially creating my own tailwind-ui components manually) in the upcoming Pinegrow Vue integration and it’s a great combo. I can see the value in tailwind-ui subscription which gives a huge array of accessible, beautiful and ready-to-use components. Stay tuned for Vue Designer :slight_smile:


I see you guys are working hard on that with lots of updates recently. Have we got a rough time for it to come out?