Using Tailwind?

Sometimes i played funny games to do my css like
container1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ll, lm and more or with adding a lot of things together like
container posmid fixwidth600 ali

I am using tailwind since yesterday and see a lot of things i dont like like:

div container
div text grey mediumbold … /div
div text grey mediumbold … /div
div text grey mediumbold … /div

This is against everything i have done in the last 10, 15 years, it is like to use
<font color=red size=12px align=medium …> in every row of text.

But the world seems to love this css-system.

Again i dont know what to do:

Use Foundation maybe in WSL, not for working, but for finally minimize css?
Use Bulma, but without the advantages of Pinegrow?
Use Tailwind with all that terrible mixes from code and design?

Anyone remembering the css-garden? Thousands of different pages, just with a different css-file?

Maybe i can use the tailwind-system for Foundation?
Yesterday i finally managed it after an hour to have a running system with “watch” und “build” with some smaller things to solve today. Is it possible to use the foundation.css, if i just change the source-file for the css from tailwind.css to foundation.css?

Maybe my mistake is to care for the Foundation system at all? Just use the the large file for building the pages and find a way to postcss, minimize at the end?

On the other site it is really nice to have all that snippets for tailwind. But what f i have to change something in a larger site one day? Running through all that code and “replace” classes manually while i have to care for some of them only?

I like contentbuilder.js and contentbox.js from innovastudio; i can use it for foundation and tailwind, but only contentbuilder.js for bulma. Maybe there are more systems like this? Maybe i should look for all these react, vue and {forgotten}?

Maybe i should look for bootstrap instead of all of them? I always have heard that it is to heavy?

And while i just dont understand it: Why the people from Foundation dont care for Windows-Users?