When do you plan to add Bootstrap 5?

When do you plan to add bootstrap 5 ?
Would love to be able to use bootstrap 5 in pinegrow and not have to go back to doing it the old way with a code editor.

MDbootstrap has also released a bootstrap 5 alpha version and i see more and more bootstrap 5 themes being sold.

Sure it’s a alpha version but it’s still usable and i always like to get a head start on new things at lease big things like this.

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I have seen the MDbootstrap update as well, but don’t think it’s a good idea!

I like the idea too for some testing, but for real production it doesn’t seem to be wise reading this on the official Bootstrap blog:

Before you jump to updating, please remember v5 is now in alpha—breaking changes will continue to occur until our first beta. We haven’t finished adding or removing everything, so check for open issues and pull requests as you have questions or feedback.

We never integrate Foundation or Bootstrap framework in alpha or beta versions.
So, we will add Bootstrap 5 to Pinegrow when the final version is officially released by the Bootstrap team.

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From the first beta you can use Bootstrap 5, of course you have to keep on updating but you need to do that anyway! So there is no need to wait for the final release.

Thanks for answering!
Guess i’m going back to the old school code editor to do my testing “learning” until the final version comes out…