Why so much focus on WP and not Joomla?

Hi @RobM ,

I see so much focus on WP framework and needs. It great for that community. We are a huge community of business user who use Joomla more in solution. WP is fine but when comes to embed business apps built with Vuejs, Quasar, Codeigniter, PHP core etc. its a total failure.

Currently, I use Pinegrow to create and simulate model pages and then port over to our Joomla framework. This is a long-winded process. Honestly, i tried WP only on a test basis and dropped it in the first instance when i realized it was a pain when it comes to support custom apps.

Question i have is this: Is there any plan to provide features for Joomla similar to WP?

Hi @murugappan,
I can’t really speak to the direction that Pinegrow will be heading, but my general feeling is that there won’t be direct support. Both Joomla and Drupal are great, but they don’t have as big a market share. I think support for these would have to come through 3rd-party extensions.

Hi @RobM ,

Agreed. WP has large market share but i would not say the same for quality market share. Drupal is too code oriented and support may be difficult.

Anyway, my only concern is that if another products emerges that can fulfill these, Pinegrow may lose quite a bit of market share. Wish them all the best.

Hi @murugappan, just trying to understand your workflow better here… you have mentioned embedded business apps…

So you tried creating model pages of your embedded business apps in Pinegrow (static html + styling)? And you are able to embed these custom apps in Joomla easily but not in WP?

The explanation of our specific interest in WordPress can be found here: Usage Statistics and Market Share of WordPress, December 2021

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Hi @Emmanuel ,

I have seen many of these stats over my years in IT. I dont believe any one of them as the reality. I do read them to know where people are heading and why. Thats it, no other real value. Look at the stats on programming languages. PHP has been dumped way down or given only honorary mention. Is that real? We know it is very pervasive in most mission critical sites for both fontend and backend apps.

Anyway, the graph and report is really nothing. It shows that WP commands market share. Market share of what? The are so many ways to dice the figures. The reality question is what percentage of mission critical users use WP? My grand daughter and all her friends (about 90 of them and they bumped up the stats on the graph too) use WP. For mission critical business use? Naaaahhh… they use it show their kiddy stuff after they dumped Facebook(rubbish).

In ASEAN IT Developer Forum, we evaluated the Drupal, Joomla and WP. Wp was voted for blog, static and non-critical websites only. Joomla was voted in against Drupal as Drupal did not have a well balanced mix of development options.

Just a test sample of what is done under Joomla:

Hi @Akayy ,

I think you misunderstood my post. I am not stating that it cannot be done using WP. A sample is shown in reply to @Emmanuel reply post. That is only a simple one. We have embedded CI4 apps in Joomla but it was pain in WP. I have embedded a Vuejs app within Joomla too.

The answer to your next part of the question. What we do is we create a full page in Pinegrow and then port it into Joomla using an extension like Regular Labs Sourcerer or Flexicode. With regards to Vuejs, we port the page into vuejs “template”.

The sad part is that we could not embed the php code into Pinegrow and test within Pinegrow. That will make it easier for us to port to CI4 and Joomla. Soon will test embedding vuejs code inside a page which is being created in Pinegrow. I am quite sure we could do that.

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