Editable areas (like CMS) online, maybe PG Online CMS?


What do you think is the best way to create editable areas (like News) which the customer can edit by them selves in the browser?

I know Cushy CMS but I don’t really want to give them my FTP-Server-data…

I know Pinegrow CMS but it only works on Computers and the customer needs to know how to upload the website per FTP.

I know WordPress but I want to create a static page with only one or few editable areas.

Is there any better solution? The best way would be some kind of CMS without Database. It would be great if Pinegrow Online would offer an online CMS mode for customers…or did I miss something? It would be great if I could create editable areas in Pinegrow which the customer can edit on Pinegrow Online CMS on my server (not sure, if PG Online supports self hosted websites…).

Does anyone have a hint?

You can create Content Blocks in Pinegrow setting specific areas to be edited and then use these blocks anywhere within WordPress Gutenberg.

Hello @red-rosefields ,

Thanks for your answer! I’m looking for a solution without using Wordpress. I want to create an area which is editable in the browser in a static page (just one part of the website like a textfield).

why don’t you try a simple cms like surreal or couchcms

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Thanks @red-rosefields ! I know Couch CMS but Surreal CMS sounds interesting…