Adding Angular JS to an existing project

Hi guys,

am fiddling a bit around and thought, giving Angular a try.

I’m not sure here at all, but when I try to add Angular framework to an existing project (page), it adds the functionality within PG, but not the required resources (angular.js) - nor is “handling resources (add/update resources from libraries)” an option.

Furthermore I wonder why with Angular automatically Bootstrap is installed as well. Is there a specific need for?

Happy on some pointers in advance.



Always fun a new challenge!
How does it go, are you making any progress with Angular JS to master it…??

Absolutely not - to be honest. This is way above my helmet as being expected anyway. I simply don’t have use cases so far which makes it much harder getting a hang on it. My JS knowledge is not more than “trying to interpret” and copy and paste stuff together.

The reason why I gave it a go was coming from a slack-notice someone asking for vue.js and if it is expected being supported natively in PG as well.

The biggest problem in web for ages is:

If there is one solution, two or three others raising up as well - certainly quicker, better, cheaper. And while all solutions are doing more or less exactly the same - it’s hard to decide which route to go down. I’m thinking of:

Prototype/Scriptaculous vs. jQuery vs. Mootools
Less vs. SASS
Angular vs. Vue vs. React
Bourbon vs. Compass
Bootstrap vs. Foundation vs. others

and two or three more :slight_smile:

And than I think: All I want to do is a simple web ahm site vs. project vs. app?



Sorry to hear, at least you tried for now!
Maybe in the near future you get a good idea or project, to have a purpose to experiment more with it.

For me the same, I’m neither a JS specialist. It’s one of the things, with many others, on my todo learn list to improve my JS skills!

There are a lot of funky JS and CSS related frameworks/solutions/technologies available now a days. All the web technologies are becoming more and more mature and advanced. Sure a great things that this all is evolving. But it’s harder to follow everything or use them and keeping up with all of them. And it not always making things easier, especially when you want to do some simple things, like you said.

I like to learn and try new things but my day (like for the most of us) is normally limited to 24 hours, so much to learn. Always need to make choices what to learn and what to skip and move aside (for now).

Where are the good old times with simple HTML, CSS and a bit of basic javascript… :innocent: :wink:
A lot is changed (in 20 years) !!!

I would strongly suggest to anyone, to first learn core Vanilla Javascript before diving into any specific frameworks, etc. This will allow faster understanding of any framework when having Vanilla Javascript as your base foundation.

You may even quickly realize that for many things a framework of any kind, is not even required.

Plus as native JS feature options in browsers continue to increase, the emphatic need for frameworks may well diminish over time. ;–) Well it should anyway, or instead more frameworks will emerge while existing ones adapt and evolve to take advantage of increased native browser abilities.

@matjaz, Much like the outdated Materialize plugin in Pinegrow, the Angular plugin really needs updated if its gonna continue to be included with Pinegrow as well. The supported version in the app appears to be v1.2.26 (October 2014) so its likewise very outdated. The coupled Bootstrap version with the plugin is v3.2.0, jQuery is v1.11.1, etc.,

AngularJS v1.2.X is quite outdated, see its status:

Why: do so many included items remain not updated in Pinegrow ? It reflects poorly on the app.

@Thomas, you can always pull a newer version of AngularJS into your project as needed via a CDN:

Of course you will then probably forgo the ability to use the ‘Actions Panel’ inputs in Pinegrow. If you want to dig through the Pinegrow Angular Plugin source, its located here:



As you are probably well aware, many developers strongly prefer React and Vue as better options nowadays. Most developers recognize this for various reasons throughout the industry.

Having both React and Vue in Pinegrow would largely benefit gaining the attention of developers towards Pinegrow. Just like having VS Code should now help assist with adoption by more developers ( “if marketed” ) the same as any other editors (Sublime, etc., you support). These editors and their associated plugins will likewise help developers leverage and use various frameworks.

The inclusion of other editor support (VS Code) was long overdue so thank you for finally starting to address that. I think it could likewise be just as easily expanded to other editors as well, further drawing attention to Pinegrow in the developer community with those options ( “if marketed” ).

But if AngularJS ‘or anything’ is gonna continue to be present in the app as features, then each should at least be kept up-to-date and remain current. Otherwise its truly a negative for developers, while directly reflecting negatively overall on the app itself also.

:evergreen_tree: :hearts:


@Pinegrow_User Great post, thanks!
You are good at summarizing and having a great view on things!

I agree with you, if something is supported in Pinegrow, it must be as recent as possible! It’s giving wrong signals and a negative feel to potential users and customers when it’s really outdated. I totaly agree with you on that!

Now CSS support is pretty good covered with visual controls and smart helpers:

  • Visual control for all CSS properties (don’t know if some are missing)
  • Create CSS rules panel with element selectors
  • Different ways to view and edit CSS files and rules
  • Media query selectors/controls
  • LESS support
  • SASS support
  • CSS Grids
  • CSS Gradients
  • etc…

Maybe it’s now time to focus on more/better framework/libraries support like the ones Pinegrow_User already mentioned. That really can take Pinegrow to a next level and bring a lot of new users and customers towards Pinegrow.

Besides better/updated/more support for: Materialize / Angular / React / Vue / etc…
I think it would be a great addition if Pinegrow can support “Template Engines” like:

  • Twig
  • Blade
  • Smarty

It would be wicked to be able, when building templates is finished, to put in the control structure for those template engines within Pinegrow. That also will bring more users towards Pinegrow.

With such features you can crush/destroy/kill the competition !!!
(That’s maybe not the main goal, but a nice bonus :see_no_evil: :innocent: :wink:).

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