Is it possible to run pinegrow on a synology NAS?

I was wondering wether it was possible to run pinegrow on a synology NAS. I’m asking because I have this concept in mind where either myself or a client runs pinegrow (CMS client license) on a NAS which is reachable on the internet through an IP adress. This way you would have a static site CMS that is also accessible for edits wherever you are. The actual website itself would be hosted on something like github pages for instance and use an FTP client to upload the edited files which are stored on the NAS to github. This would keep your server and actual front-end still kind of seperate in a way while not being limited to one local device for edits to your content as is so often the case with static sites.

What OS does the NAS use?

Well, it’s more of a hypothetical question as I personally don’t own a NAS (yet) but I was thinking a Synology NAS which runs the linux based DSM (Diskstation manager) operating system. I also found out today that DSM can run a ubuntu virtual machine and I know pinegrow can run on Ubuntu so… But I’d rather avoid that complicated step if possible.