PG3 and TouchBar support on MacBook Pro?

PG3 and TouchBar support on MacBook Pro ?

Panic Coda make it, maybe it should be cool to have a pile of shortcut or some drag and drop to create a productivity shortcuts to the TouchBar for Pinegrow 3.

Just a suggestion. I know windows can’t get that, so maybe it’s not on the TODO List for PG3

Thanks for this amazing PG

Coda’s Touch Bar support focused on the Editor/Preview, Files, and Sites views. Here are a few things you can do super easily on the Touch Bar, without having to take your fingers off the keyboard or move a pointer :

  • Instantly switch between Editor and Preview
  • Indent/outdent/comment lines
  • Jump to a line
  • Insert hex colors using a color picker (on the bar!)
  • Create sites
  • Switch between file browser views
  • Create new files and folders
  • Open the Web Inspector
  • More !
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At first I would have think I wouldn’t use and days after days, I find it useful and started to like it. The way it behave regarding each app is very cool. Useful regarding choice every app made to focus on so it’s depend. But when it’s well think it’s very useful and make workflow a bit better/cool

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Nice idea but -its for only one type of computer right now… Unless its easy to do, but
You don’t want to do things just Because Panic have done something…
Its not always such a good idea :wink:

Yes, I’m just being cheeky :slight_smile:

I keep swapping between the different panes all day as I’m restricted with one monitor.


As there are no keyboard shortcuts to go to a particular pane (tree, properties, styles, animation etc), can we have support for macbook touch bar…

Here is an example of how users can customize the mac touch bar for the chrome app

At the moment, PG’s touch bar looks empty. This feature can be an amazing productivity add-on.

If not touch bar support, can we have at least simple keyboard shortcuts (user customizable would be an addon)?