Php not getting update when changing html

ok i opened the wp theme as a project then made changes to the index.html and saving the page but what i noticed it the index.php file is not getting updated with the changes…how do i ensure that php file too it updated witht he changes

Why would you have a html and php file that you expect to both be the same and make for yourself double work?

What you are describing is not how Wordpress works.

If you want to create Wordpress themes you need the Wordpress version of Pinegrow and a decent understanding of Wordpress itself.

@Terry44 - That is very interesting that I would need the PG/WP version to work with anything PHP.

It makes perfect sense to me that if you edit your php file the html file shouldn’t change and visa-versa.

Why would PG care… what’s different in how PG handles php files in PG Pro vs. PG/WP? I would seriously think that there isn’t any difference.

I would also like to think that I can use WP Blocks in PG Pro, as my understanding is that every WP is basically embeded markup that doesn’t affect the html in any way.

I still have a lot of learning to do as far as how PG does things, but I feel like I’m getting there; perhaps slowly, but surely.