Project Management Files and Folders

Project Explanation:

To give perspective to specific functionality request or feature:
Streamline initial directory hierarchy creation with individual empty files named directly from original document chapters and subsections for future editing of content derived from a PDF based manual being migrated to html.


  • Workspace Operating Environment MacOS
  • Alpha numeric text file
  • 5,000 records (not really but give perspective) - one field per record


Create .html suffixed “empty” file by automated process for each record in given single field list
“Empty File” = still containing basic html framework code and or master template base page code.

Ideas for Solution ?:
Initial guess avenues to pursue are:

Wouldn’t it be cool if Pinegrow had this type of functionality built in or does it ?

  • Terminal commands
  • Mac Finder automator script
  • Commercial Utility application
  • Other commercial code editors with that export functionality

Skills background:

Previous life… Adobe Golive for rapid visual layout and also site files management , BBedit for direct code editing , Miva Merchant server side application store and template code integration
Now I’m… back… smh

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@Barrett the easiest solution seams to be some kind of shell script that would do that outside of PG.